Get Chugging - learn the ins and outs of Rhythm Harmonica Grooves

The first technique we will learn is called “chugging” – playing the harmonica in a rhythmic fashion using chords

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‘CHUGGING’ Introduction

Welcome to the Chugging course. The first technique we will learn is called “chugging” – playing the harmonica in a rhythmic fashion using chords, that’s two or more notes at once and using words to create the rhythms. The idea is to use this video course to see how the ‘chugging’ that you are already familiar with looks on paper. This book is embedded into the video to help you read music and see how it comes alive with the recordings.

Here’s how it works:

First learn how to play all the ‘chugging’ phrases which only use holes 1, 2 & 3 on your “C” diatonic harmonica. All instructions are given so you can start playing. These are found in part one of the book as well as at the beginning of each of the tunes.

As a supplement you can make up your own ‘chugging’ phrases to suit the music, it is probably best to turn the balance button to the left to lose the recorded harmonica sound.

Furthermore, when you can play single notes you are ready to go on to the tunes in part two. These are arranged as they appear on the CD and the suggested order of learning these pieces in order of ease is 11, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 7, and then 10

Three of the tunes have duet sections: 2, 9 & 11. These can be played by two harmonicas or even with another treble clef instrument like violin or recorder.

Tablature or ‘tab’. This is the system of numbers and arrows that tells the harmonica player which holes to use and whether to blow or draw. This also includes symbols that show when to bend notes we teach bending in a later course.

You will find that the first tune has ‘tab’ on every note and then in the following tunes only when ‘new’ notes appear are they also ‘tabbed’! This gives you the chance to pencil in the tab for yourself where necessary and then to rub it out when they’re more familiar with the notes. A full chart is on page 47.

Your Instructor

Ben Hewlett
Ben Hewlett

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