Introduction and how to practise

Please note that each lecture has video tuition for the first group of riffs and there are more attached to each lecture - if you use the video only you will miss out on more than half of the riffs.

Here's how the course works.

1.Download the pdf of the whole book. It's in lecture three which is called:

'Chugging Riffs and here's all the riffs written down'

2.Play the video lesson and try to memorise the riffs in each lecture

3.Use the attached audio files combined with the pdf of the book that you downloaded earlier to learn and memorise all the riffs

4.When you have learnt and memorised one riff use it as a starting point for improvising.

Use it with the backing track provided or any backing track/live musician.

If the track provided is too fast put into 'Transcribe!' and slow it down.

Use your new riff and change it, mess with it, modify it, if it's a question add an answer, play it using different holes.

Each riff is a starting point for further phrases - even a full 12 bar solo.

Any questions?

[email protected]